Message from the CEO

David CarterIt is my pleasure to welcome you to our company website and to hope that, as a result of your visit, you are better informed about what we do, how we do it, and the things that we value.

We are an Australian commercial fishing company with many millions of dollars invested in quotas and fishing rights around the country.  This heavy investment, coupled with Australia’s strong ‘rights based’ system of fisheries management, ensures that we have a powerful self interest to ensure that our target species and the ecosystems that support them are sustainable, now and forever.  We place heavy emphasis on the sustainability of the fisheries in which we operate and the quality fish products we source.

Our Business Statement is simple: Austral Fisheries catches and sources sustainable, quality seafood.

As a consequence of this self interest we have become active participants and partners in the process of supporting and informing the science of fisheries, as well as remaining prominent in the management processes, which are required to take the outputs of good science and apply them to the real world challenges of fisheries management.

Beyond the formal process of fisheries management and science, Austral has a strong tradition of engagement and cooperation with key NGO’s on a range of issues, including protection of toothfish from illegal fishing and development of marine protected areas within our fisheries.

We are proud of our international reputation as practitioners of strong, effective and innovative fisheries management, which is demonstrated by the independent certification of all four of our Australian fisheries by the Marine Stewardship Council: the Heard Island Icefish fishery, the Heard Island and Macquarie Island toothfish fisheries, and where it all started for Austral; the Northern Prawn Fishery.  This independent certification requires us to maintain the highest standards of the Marine Stewardship Council.  Most recently we have also become certified as Carbon Neutral under the Australian Government Carbon Neutral Program.  We have had our estimates of carbon emissions independently calculated and independently audited, and then purchased Gold Standard Foundation carbon offsets to ensure we are carbon neutral.  See more details at our Carbon Neutral page.

We have made deliberate decisions to ensure that all aspects of our fishing and trading operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible, ensuring a secure future for our company, staff, crew, customers and of course, our fisheries – All of which are vital to our success.  We strive to have the best people on the best boats producing the best quality, sustainable seafood.  We value relationships and transparency, honesty, clear communication and, above all, integrity.

David Carter


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