In a positive step forward for the seafood industry and the environment, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) have partnered with Qantas to achieve carbon neutral status through establishing blue carbon markets and improving fish habitat.

Sydney Fish Market have joined the Qantas Future Planet offset program to achieve this, investing in a carbon offset project which focuses on regeneration and re-vegetation of areas of native rainforest along rivers and creeks. As well as offsetting their emissions, this project will prevent pollutants from flowing into the Reef’s waters, improving the habitat of fish and other animals in these regions.

The Qantas Future Planet offset program began in 2007 and has offset over 2.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions. An inclusive partnership program, Qantas Future Planet works with corporate partners who are sustainably-driven to offset carbon emissions through globally accredited projects and initiatives.

A particularly exciting aspect of SFM’s commitment is their focus on progressing the development of blue carbon projects.

Blue carbon is the carbon sequestered and stored in ecosystems near the coast, including intertidal marshes, mangrove forests and seagrass meadows. Currently there are no certified blue carbon projects in Australia. Progress in the blue carbon field carries a range of benefits to industry and environment, including the provision of additional methods for organisations to offset their emissions, improving habitats of fish and restoring the health of coastal ecosystems.

Austral Fisheries would like to congratulate Sydney Fish Market on this initiative and are delighted to be joined by a fellow representative from the seafood industry in committing to carbon neutral status.

Carbon Neutral Seafood is becoming more accessible each year as organisations such as SFM make positive changes towards sustainability, and that’s something Austral are very excited about.

Sydney Fish Market’s full media release can be found here and more information on the Qantas Future Planet offset program can be found here.

You can find more information about Austral Fisheries’ commitment to carbon neutrality here

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