MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2017

Each year, across Hobart’s stunning waterfront, boats of all shapes and sizes congregate for the annual MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival.  The event sees both tall ships and smaller vessels fill the city’s docks with colour and life. The tall masts of bilanders sway in the water right next to brightly coloured catboats, while small skiffs race on the ocean and the sound of flapping sails fills the air.

The event began in 1994 and has since become recognised as the largest annual gathering of wooden boats in the southern hemisphere. Wooden vessels, new and restored, travel from all over to participate in the festivities. Each year, the festival fills the streets of Tasmania’s capital. With a large number of the wooden boats on display, a program filled with boat races and other competitions, as well as a wide range of land-based festivities, the team at Austral Fisheries look for any opportunity to join the fun.

This year the festival ran over 4 days and started on Friday, February the 10th, and ran until the following Monday. The National Seafood Industry Leadership program (NSILP) had their own stall and, to fit in with our surroundings, created a little treasure hunt for the festival goers. Their goal was to promote jobs in the fishing industry and included Austral Fisheries in their map. Below is a photo of the NSILP organisers standing next to one of the treasure hunt locations.

If you think 2018 may be the year that you prove your skiff racing skills, or you would like to find out about the festival and see some images from previous years, then head to the MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival website. If you are interested in joining the team at Austral, then get in touch today.

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