Two years after our carbon neutral journey began, Austral Fisheries are proud to have received recertification as a carbon neutral organisation and for the wild capture fish and prawn products we catch and sell through the Australian Government’s Carbon Neutral Program.

Austral CEO David Carter recently visited the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor located a 4.5 hour drive from Perth and home to over 29.5 million mixed native trees and shrubs planted by Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd to date.

Austral Fisheries’ annual CO2-e emissions abatement requires the equivalent of around 340,000 trees to be planted each year. Located north of the small township of Perenjori, this region is hardly recognisable from the barren landscape it was just a few years ago.


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Through this reforestation project, Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd are providing organisations across Australia, and the world, the opportunity to take sustainable steps into the future. The surrounding community is also benefitting, with the provision of local employment opportunities and the gradual transformation of the region into a vibrant, revegetated space which is witnessing the return of native local flora and fauna.


Austral Fisheries’ sustainability journey began over 20 years ago when in 1997 we became the first fishing company in the world to sign up to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Fast forward to 2016 and it was time to take the next step in this journey, by becoming carbon neutral.

David Carter has been with Austral throughout these milestones and is a proud advocate for sustainability across all walks of life. In Part 2 of our carbon neutral update series we hear from David about his recent visit to the region, Austral’s current sustainability status and the broader topic of sustainability across industries.


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