A Special Thank You As Cape Arkona Departs Fremantle

A Special Thank You As Cape Arkona Departs Fremantle
September 16, 2020

L to R: Greg Jones, Lui Guiliani, Theo Kailis, Peter Stevens, Theo Verios in Gdansk, Poland 2019  

Last night we farewelled the Cape Arkona as she departed for Mauritius and took another step toward her maiden fishing voyage.

We would like to take this chance to recognise and thank the people from our team who have worked closely on this history making project for the last four years and more.

Firstly, a big thank you to our Southern Fleet General Manager, Peter Stevens, who has overseen the project from the idea and concept stage through to completion. Pete spent months away from home in Poland and Norway at various stages, finalising the drawings, hull fabrication and design features among many other things. It has been a labour of love and to come out the other side with a state of the art fishing vessel that is a world first in many aspects is testament to the commitment and vision shown by Pete and his team throughout the build.

CEO David Carter, GM Southern Fleet Peter Stevens & Director Shin Tanabe at the Cape Arkona Launch Event

Peter Stevens in front of the Cape Arkona in Norway early 2020

Pete has been ably assisted by his Southern Fleet team; Janine Philbey, Greg Jones and Theo Verios, who each spent plenty of time away from home in Poland and Norway as well.

Thanks to Greg Jones, who contributed to the build in the review process of all drawings, as well as coordinating with BV Classification and AMSA, and assisting with the sea trials & testing of all systems. 

And to Theo, who sourced and looked after the fish-finding equipment and electronics component of the Cape Arkona, among many other items.

Thanks also to Janine, who colour coordinated all of the cabins, day rooms, pictures and curtains, as well as overseeing the purchasing and logistics of supplies, machinery and fishing gear to Norway.

To the Southern Fleet team, thank you and congratulations. It was a special effort to achieve this while regular fishing operations were continuing as usual.

Crew, Observers and family, as well as Janine Philbey second from right

A special mention also goes to our team based in our head office in Perth, including Rhys Arangio, who was involved with the vessel registration and coordinating with AFMA and AMSA, and Lesley Leyland, who assisted with all number of things including crewing, organising visas and more.

And this project wouldn't be possible without the contribution of Emiel Robinson, the Cape Arkona's Chief Engineer, who was heavily involved in all aspects of the build.

As the project neared completion, there were some key crew and team members who prepared her prior to her departure from Norway, and then spent 44 days on board transitting from Norway to Fremantle, followed by 14 days in quarantine upon arrival.

Pictured: Mark Hooper & Chief Engineer Emiel Robinson in the Control Room

So to Skipper Bruce Miller and his crew for their input to the operational layout of the fishing modes, including Tony Barnett, Isabella Lang, Emiel Robinson, Mark Hooper, Grant Burgess, Russel Hanson, Steven Ferrari, Rory Stevens and Richard Hunt, thank you for getting her home. COVID added a level of complexity to the project but this crew made it possible to get the Cape Arkona back to Fremantle.

L to R: Emiel Robinson (Chief Engineer), Bruce Miller (Captain) & Rory Stevens (Second Mate) 


Progress shot of the Cape Arkona's for'd Pump Room

Going back to 14th April 2018 when this project officially began in Oslo Norway, it was Pete Stevens and CFO Greg Johnston who signed the contract to commence the build.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the backing of the Austral Board of Directors, including Theo Kailis and the Maruha Nichiro team, as well as CEO David Carter, who all combined to approve the project in a show of faith and confidence in Austral's future.

Greg Johnston signing the contract to commence the build in Norway with Kjell Inge Sjaastad, MD of Baatbygg. 14/04/2018

Lastly, to team Baatbygg headed by Kjell, Kenneth, Cato, Ronny, Inge, Trond, Bjornar, Bjorn plus many more, thank you for being fantastic collaborators and our main Norwegian partners throughout the project.

There are many people who assisted along the way and we humbly thank everyone who contributed to make it all possible. We can't wait to see the Cape Arkona depart on her maiden fishing voyage.

Last quarter 2018. For'd Engine Room Bulk Head which goes into the main fish hold

Progress shot of the Bridge

Cable run behind the main switch board

Progress shot after arriving from Poland

Captain's Chair, Bridge

Just prior to sea trials

Nearly completed Mess

Completed Magazines and Hooks

All but ready to leave to Perth, Western Australia