Austral Fisheries' Cape Arkona - Progress Update

Austral Fisheries' Cape Arkona - Progress Update
May 07, 2020

Cape Arkona Austral Fisheries

Austral Fisheries' Cape Arkona - Progress Update

We’re excited to share an update on the progress of our newest vessel, the Cape Arkona. Despite the recent challenges surrounding COVID-19, we’re fortunate that she’s still been receiving plenty of attention and all aspects of her fit-out at Baatbygg AS, the Shipyard in Maloy, are progressing steadily.

In addition to our last progress update, we’ve now seen a start in commissioning main machinery, systems & electrical components. All engines have set to work along with testing of the gearbox, shaft and generators, main refrigeration systems and electronic controls, and the plant is currently under vacuum.

In addition, the crew accommodation, factory and fishing areas are within a few weeks of completion, along with all electronics installations. As you can see, her exterior is now also painted with the Austral Fisheries blue, and signage is all but completed.

The Cape Arkona uniquely combines auto-line, potting and trawling and will set new standards for multi-purpose fishing operations.

Cape Arkona Austral Fisheries Austral Fisheries New Vessel Cape Arkona

The hybrid vessel has four different propulsion options which will allow it to adapt its power output to match the operational requirements, reducing her environmental footprint and maintenance costs. The Cape Arkona is also equipped with the latest in electric trawling winches and battery technology, making use of the regenerative power and peak shaving to further reduce fuel consumption and increase operational safety.

“The system allows us to convert potential lost brake power to be used in recharging the Battery Bank, assisting in reducing fuel usage,” explained Austral Fisheries’ General Manager – Southern Fleet, Peter Stevens.

Upon completion of the final commissioning and extensive sea trials relating to the systems & machinery, she will then be put through her paces regarding the various forms of fishing disciplines she will undertake during her operations.

We can’t help but be excited by her current progress!

Stay tuned for more updates as she approaches her completion date in the coming months.

Cape Arkona Austral Fisheries  Austral Fisheries Cape Arkona

Austral Fisheries Cape Arkona  Austral Fisheries Cape Arkona

Austral Fisheries Cape Arkona  Austral Fisheries Cape Arkona