Choosing Sustainable Seafood just got a little easier

Choosing Sustainable Seafood just got a little easier
October 22, 2020

The future of our oceans depends on making ethical, sustainable choices that positively impact our environment. Eating seafood shouldn’t be a decision hampered by guilt. We have a chance to choose products and producers that commit to and invest in sustainability, but only if those products are available.

That choice became a little easier this month with the successful launch of two new sustainable seafood startups from our recent Seafood for Good Accelerator: Seaweedery Sauces (kicking off with prawn oil) and Farmer Meets Foodie’s new seafood delivery service.

Huge congratulations from all of us at Austral Fisheries and our partners at StartSomeGood and Blue-X, to founders Natalie Kalinova and Elke Travers (Seaweedery) and Erica Hughes (Farmer Meets Foodie).

Both startups successfully reached the fundraising goals in their recent crowdfunding campaigns.

This means several things, all of them good:

• They will be moving forward with the launch of their sustainable products;

• They will receive $25,000 investment from Austral Fisheries;

• If you supported their crowdfunding campaigns you will be receiving your rewards.

What are these rewards?

Farmer Meets Foodie will give you the ability to track your box of seafood as it leaves the trawler and arrives at your door. Their crowdfunding campaign tested this concept in Northern Queensland where they expect to reduce the food miles by an amazing 3362 km per box.

Seaweedery have a mission to rescue flavours and nutrition lost, wasted or underutilised in the seafood supply chain — starting with delicious prawn oil made entirely out of the waste products from Austral Fisheries’ prawn catch — turning waste into an asset, improving sustainability and rescuing delicious flavours which would otherwise be lost.

Stay tuned on their latest by following their social media:

Seaweedery & Farmer Meets Foodie