When It Comes to Sustainability, Austral's Bryan Van Wyk Walks the Walk

When It Comes to Sustainability, Austral's Bryan Van Wyk Walks the Walk
December 21, 2021

Bryan Van Wyk Underwater

This guy could talk underwater about the importance of choosing sustainable seafood for Christmas this year (and beyond).

Austral's Bryan Van Wyk lives and breathes the oceans - can you tell by the picture? From his Operations Manager role with our Northern Prawn Fleet to his love for diving and fishing, Bryan is acutely aware that neither would be possible to pursue or enjoy without ensuring they're underpinned by sustainability.

"My message to Australians selecting their Christmas seafood is to check for marine stewardship council (MSC) certification and country of origin labelling (both of which will be clearly displayed on the packaging). By selecting MSC products you ensure sustainability and support healthy marine environments. If operators have gone to great lengths to ensure their seafood is sustainably recognised, then they will also take pride in ensuring their products are of high quality.

Bryan has been part of Action 4 Agriculture's 'Young Farming Champions' program, where he's contributed to the unique cross-sectoral environment.

The full interview has some fantastic insights which you can find here:


Special mention to Lynne Strong for championing this fantastic program and bringing different sectors with shared challenges together.

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