Prawns: A Sustainable Nutrition

We think it is fair to say, that for the most part, healthy foods aren’t as tasty as the “unhealthy” dishes we find ourselves drawn to. Whether you are avoiding chocolate, replacing it with some strange shake, or substituting some beautifully marinated delight for a bland chicken breast at dinner time, your taste buds can take a real hit. But, not to fret, there is another option that might surprise you; Prawns!

Good for the heart

Prawns are incredibly low in fat compared to other common sources of protein, including beef and chicken, but are also home to the ‘fat’ that matters. Omega-3 fatty acid, found in prawns, is a fat type that helps to keep your heart healthy. It works to reduce your blood triglyceride level, which is surprising from a dish that tastes so delicious.

Protein Power

The humble prawn, although small, packs a lot of protein. Compared to a similar serving of beef or chicken, a prawn holds almost the same amount of protein, but much less fat, making it a lighter option, and a more sustainable one too.

Sustainable Energy

Because we are harvesting a wild source of protein, we use less water and contribute fewer carbon dioxide emissions (zero infact, because we are certified carbon neutral!) to get these prawns to your plate, compared to other forms of protein. So next time you are enjoying one of our tasty MSC ‘certified sustainable’ Skull Island Tiger Prawns or Wild Australian Co. Banana Prawns you can know that you are not only doing something good for your health, but also for the environment.

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Our Carbon Neutral Commitment

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