Defrosting Prawns

There are steps within every recipe that are much easier than others, and often a lot more fun. The margin of error is wide, but the results are always impressive.  Like crushing and cutting, spinning and sifting. Think about how satisfying and relatively straight forward it is to flip a pancake, knead dough or even smack up some mint for your favorite cocktail. That is all to say that there are other steps that aren’t as clear.

One such step and something we are asked about often is thawing prawns. For a lot of people, thawing any type of food, let alone seafood, feels very fraught with danger. Today we want to shed some light on it and give you the confidence to be able to focus on the fun steps of any delicious prawn dish.

There are two ways you can thaw your prawns. The first way, and the one we recommend is placing your prawns in a sealed container before placing them in the fridge. This allows your prawns to keep their quality. This will take some time, and if time is not what you have, then maybe the second option is for you.

The second option for you is to place prawns in a waterproof bag and place them in cold water. This can be in a sink or in a bowl. Once the prawns are fully thawed, place them into a sealed container, and then into the fridge.

Thawing prawns is more about what not to do, rather than what to do. If you are able to avoid the no-no’s then everything else will be pretty straight forward. The major don’ts are:

  • Do not defrost in the microwave
  • Do not leave prawns out at room temperature
  • Do not try to re-freeze thawed prawns

If you avoid these and follow the steps above, you are smooth sailing towards a scrumptious meal. If you want any ideas for your next prawn dish, head to our recipes and find a whole bunch of tasty meal ideas.

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