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Austral Fisheries Vessels

Austral Fisheries currently uses Port Louis, Mauritius, as the unloading port for its Southern Ocean fleet due to its proximity to fishing grounds and shipyard expertise.  Crew members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Namibia, Spain, Indonesia, Mauritius, and more!  Below is a corporate video from Austral Fisheries, showcasing Glacier 51 toothfish, and what is involved in bringing this beautiful fish from ocean to plate, as well as interviews with each of our Skippers, telling you a bit about themselves and their vessels.

We have three vessels operating in the sub-Antarctic, the Atlas Cove, a dual purpose trawler-longliner that fishes for MSC certified Patagonian toothfish and MSC certified Mackerel icefish (this vessel also spends a small portion of its time fishing the Southern Indian Ocean High Seas).  We also have two longline vessels that catch our MSC certified Patagonian toothfish, the Isla Eden, and the Corinthian Bay, all of which use world leading mitigation techniques for longlining to minimise seabird bycatch.

Isla Eden

The Isla Eden was purchased by Austral Fisheries in 2012 and sailed its maiden voyage for the company from Norway to Mauritius in 2013.  It is a 1994 Norwegian built 50m longliner that was especially built for catching toothfish.

Atlas Cove

Built in 1999, the 68m Atlas Cove, formerly the purse seine vessel, Osterbris 2, was purchased by Austral in 2014.  A major 4 month refit was undertaken in Norway to convert her into a one-of-a-kind dual purpose longline/trawl vessel.  This was particularly important for Austral in order to make the most out of the short longline season for Toothfish, while also retaining the trawl capacity to catch Icefish, and undertake important survey work.

Corinthian Bay

Formerly the Seljevaer, the Corinthian Bay was purchased in 2015.  Built in 1998, she is a 55m longliner that can carry 30 crew.

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