Onboard Processing Of Toothfish And Mackerel

Austral Fisheries prides itself on its efficient on-board fish processing facilities.  These facilities ensure that the freshness and quality of the catch is maintained to the highest standards.

Further on-shore processing is also a feature available to provide a value added product for the retail and commercial market.
Patagonian Toothfish
Dissostichus eleginoides

Also known as Chilean Sea Bass,  Mero,  Merluza Negra,  Bacalao de Profundidad

Longline caught: IQF HGT Toothfish


All fish on the longliners are frozen in blast freezers down to -18°C.  This premium fish is hung by the tail and produces a beautifully straight trunk with an open gut cavity, making this form of toothfish aesthetically pleasing for the customer.  Once frozen, the tail is removed via bandsaw and each trunk is individually glazed.  IQF HGT toothfish are graded as follows:Toothfish Processing

Grade Weight range Bag content
0-1 Up to 1kg per piece Up to 20kg per bag
1-2 1kg to 2kg per piece Up to 20kg per bag
2-4 2kg to 4kg per piece 5 to 8 fish per bag
4-6 4kg to 6kg per piece 4 fish per bag
6-8 6kg to 8kg per piece 3 fish per bag
8-10 8kg to 10kg per piece 2 fish per bag
10-15 10kg to 15kg per piece 1 to 2 fish per bag
15-20 15kg to 20kg per piece 1 fish per bag
20+ Over 20kg per piece 1 fish per bag
B-Small Up to 6kg per piece Up to 20kg per bag
B-Large Over 6kg per piece Up to 20kg per bag

Longline caught: Glacier 51 Toothfish filletsGlacier 51 Toothfish

Only the highly sort after XL8-10kg trunks are chosen for the premium Glacier 51 Toothfish fillets.  Two matching fillets from the same fish are carefully dry processed, then vacuum sealed and packed together in a Glacier 51 Toothfish carton.

Glacier 51 Toothfish is the first wild caught, white fleshed branded fish product in the world that has the sustainable MSC and Monterey Bay Aquarium credentials to match its premium quality.

Toothfish Byproduct

Processing Toothfish

Small              250g to 500g           22kg block
Large              500g+                       22kg block

Ungraded                                         22kg block

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HIMI MSC IcefishMackerel Icefish

Champsocesphalus gunnari

Atlas Cove: Whole IQF or Block Frozen Icefish

MSC certified Icefish is packed whole and depending on customer needs can be IQF in cartons (around 21kg) or block frozen with full glaze (around 23kg) in a poly bag:

Small          Up to 200g per piece
Large          200g+ per piece

When packing icefish, a tray is lined with poly sheet and the appropriate grade and species label is placed face down in the tray.  Icefish are finger packed such that 20-22kg of fish are in the tray, while ensuring that the tray is not overfilled, so the fish are not squashed or distorted.

Once the fish is packed, the poly sheet is tied up to enclose the fish for best protection, then placed in the pate freezer.  If requiring a full glazed block, the tray is filled with seawater.

After freezing down to -18°C, the blocks are removed from the trays, placed into printed poly bags and sewn shut.  The bag is marked with the grade of the fish and the packing date before being stowed in the freezer hold.

MSC certified Icefish can also be further processed on shore into 6 x 1.25kg fillet packs, or to meet your specification.

HIMI MSC Icefish

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