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Our Carbon Neutral Commitment

“I believe we have a problem with the way we are treating our environment. I do care about what we, humans, are doing to our land and water and what this will mean for our kids and future generations… and my big dilemma is; what can I do about it.” It is no secret that…


How We Tick: Meet Dylan Skinns

The team at Austral is made up of some really great people. From our eco- friendly CEO, David Carter, to the awesome crews manning our ships; we are so grateful to have them all on board. One of our team members, Dylan Skinns, is our sales and marketing manager. Dylan has been with Austral Fisheries…


Storing Your Prawns

It’s no secret that at Austral Fisheries, we know our prawns. From ocean to plate , we know all there is. From searching at sea, , catching, packing, freezing and transporting to customers all over the world for final preparation and cooking, we have made it our business to find out everything we can. After…


Austral’s partners announce Ocean Stewardship initiative

Today, the world’s eight largest seafood companies, including Austral Fisheries’ partner, Maruha Nichiro Corporation, announced they were concerned about the state of the ocean and global environment, and that as keystone players in the global seafood industry, are committed to playing a leading role in addressing the future challenges surrounding our oceans. These 8 companies will set up…

Prawn trawler deckhands are happy to be back in port

Austral Fisheries’ Proudest

Most of you will know that our Prawns are some of the freshest in the market, but you might not know that our crew are some of the best at sea! As the season comes to an end, one of our teams has hauled in a massive amount of prawns. Among the boats returning to…

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

Carbon Neutral – Taking on the Challenge

Sometimes realising your responsibility can be an intimidating thing. As a member of an economy that relies fully on the health of the ocean, sometimes our responsibility to look after the big blue can feel bigger than we can handle. But it is always encouraging to know that we aren’t the only ones fighting the…


A Recipe You Can Trust

When you cook at home often, it’s so great to find a recipe you can trust, something that works every time. It impresses your guests, is fun to make, and really adds to the meal. At Austral Fisheries, we love to whip up anything seafood, and thought we’d share with you a set of recipes…


First Class Skull Island Tiger Prawns

“And with Qantas your Australian vacation starts the moment you step on board. Our menus feature great Australian produce and suppliers such as Skull Island tiger prawns, local handmade chocolates and limited edition Penfolds wines, with our crew offering the warm Australian service and hospitality we are renowned for.”  Mr Thompson, Qantas (source: FTNNews Aviation). For many Australians,…


Laundry detergents from toothfish enzymes?

Waste from Australia’s Patagonian toothfish fishery could be used to make cold water laundry detergent. West Australian fishing company Austral Fisheries has been investigating ways to better manage waste from their Patagonian toothfish fishery deep in the freezing Southern Ocean. One of the options being researched is the use of an enzyme from the toothfish…

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