Our Commitment To Sustainability

At Austral Fisheries we take sustainability seriously.  We have made deliberate decisions to ensure that all aspects of our fishing and trading operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible, ensuring a secure future for our company, our employees, our customers and of course, our fisheries.

Marine Stewardship Council

At Austral Fisheries, we believe in sustainable seafood, and this comes from taking care of our fisheries that we operate in so that they remain healthy and viable for future generations.  That is why we have actively sought out what we believe to be the gold standard in independent fishery certification, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and put our fisheries up to the test.

Our four major Australian fisheries that we operate in have been certified by the MSC as sustainable and well managed fisheries. These are:

Carbon Neutral

We wanted to take sustainability to the next level, which led us to becoming certified as carbon neutral as an Organisation, and for the wild capture fish and prawn products we catch and sell, all the way from ocean to plate.

As part of being carbon neutral, we hope that we will influence others in the fish business to do the same.  We also hope to influence our suppliers to take similar steps.  Further, we see it as an important way for our customers to be able to do their small bit, by being able to purchase carbon neutral seafood products.

Carbon neutrality, or having no carbon footprint, refers to achieving a net zero carbon emission by balancing the amount of carbon released from our business, with an equivalent amount sequestered, or offset.  In our case, the vast majority of the carbon we emit is from diesel fuel on our fishing vessels, with the rest made up of refrigerant gases on board, electricity in our offices, staff and crew travel, transport of our products, and so on.

For further detail, please see our Carbon Neutral Media Pack: