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Now, you can enjoy Austral's sustainably caught, premium, healthy seafood in the comfort of your own home, guided by the fantastic recipes you'll find below, from world-class Chefs, cooks and foodies.

From Glacier 51 Toothfish Recipes, to Skull Island and Karumba Prawn Recipes, there is plenty of variety for any occasion.

Featured Austral Recipes

Jump straight in and follow along as some world-renowned Chefs cook simple, delicious recipes featuring
Glacier 51 Toothfish, Skull Island Tiger Prawns and Karumba Banana Prawns!

Glacier 51 Toothfish with Char Siu Butter, Baby Leeks & Samphire

WAGFG Director and foodie Georgia Moore invites Manuka Woodfired's Exec Chef, Kenny McHardy into the kitchen - where he cooks an incredible dish using Glacier 51 Toothfish.

For the ingredients and method, head to this link.

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Skull Island Tiger Prawns with Celeriac Remoulade

Kenny McHardy is back to show Georgia Moore his favourite way to cook Skull Island Tiger Prawns.

For the ingredients and method, visit this link.

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