A Call To Avoid A Crisis This 'World Maritime Day'

A Call To Avoid A Crisis This 'World Maritime Day'
September 24, 2020

Today is World Maritime Day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the professionalism and sacrifice of the two million seafarers who serve on the world’s merchant fleet. Shipping has continued to transport more than 80% of world trade, including vital medical supplies, food and other basic goods that are critical for the COVID-19 response and recovery.

But hundreds of thousands of seafarers, including those on fishing boats, face a humanitarian crisis as they have been stranded at sea, unable to get off the ships they operate with contracts extended by many months. This needs to be addressed urgently, through Governments designating seafarers as essential workers and ensuring safe crew changes can take place.

Austral Fisheries support the call from SeaBOS, comprising the world’s 10 largest seafood companies, in urging governments to support boat crews and ocean workers.

Listen via this link to Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter speak to 6PR’s Gareth Parker on this critical issue.

This issue also received coverage in the West Australian online and the article can be viewed here:

We encourage you to support the fishermen and maritime industry workers who work hard to bring us food and trade each year by sharing this post and raising awareness of the current crisis.

Conact Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter for more information: