Austral Academy Gains New Recruit

Austral Academy Gains New Recruit
August 09, 2023

👋 Meet Harry, our new Austral Academy cadet!

Pictured middle alongside Austral’s GM - Northern Prawn Fishery Andy Prendergast (L), and CEO David Carter (R), Harry is currently at sea for his first tiger prawn season under the guidance of 'Kodiak T' Skipper Brad Allen.

Whilst it is his first time commercial fishing, Harry has shown he isn't afraid to put in the work, completing his maritime and aquaculture tickets before he'd even approached Austral Fisheries. In addition, he was the first person to complete Austral’s revamped safety induction program.

Shortly after arriving in Cairns, Harry was straight into the thick of things, learning the ins and outs of the vessels and broader operations from Andy, Bryan (NPF Operations Manager), Brad, and his new crew members. We're pleased to report that he’s settled into the team nicely!

We’re excited to be providing opportunities for young people like Harry to explore what life at sea as a commercial fisher could be like through the Austral Academy. We wish Harry all the best for the rest of the tiger prawn season!

If you’d like to learn more about the Austral Academy, visit our Austral Academy hub.