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From Nova Scotia to Australia

"In 1976, John Risley and Colin MacDonald established Clearwater with a pickup truck, a vision and a lot of entrepreneurial drive. Today the Nova Scotia company has grown to become the largest holder of shellfish licenses in Canada and one of the world’s leading seafood companies."

Clearwater's focus has always been to provide premium quality, wild, sustainable seafood, second to none. They will always strive to find new and innovative ways to serve their customers and responsibly harvest shellfish – but you can rest assured their focus will never change.

Clearwater Austral Sustainability

Wild, Sustainable Seafood

Sustainability is a core business value embedded in Clearwater’s culture and expressed throughout their mission, strategies and values. Clearwater believe that stewardship of our resources is not only good for business; they see it as their personal and corporate responsibility.

Source Clearwater Seafood in Australia

Austral Fisheries are the proud sole distributor of Clearwater products in Australia. Follow the link below to find out more about sourcing Clearwater products from Austral Fisheries.

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