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A Rich History

Lerøy Seafood Group is a world-leading seafood corporation with a history reaching back to 1899. The Group´s core business is the production of salmon and trout, catches of whitefish, processing, product development, marketing, sale and distribution of seafood. Every single day, all year round, Leroy's 4,200 employees deliver seafood corresponding to five million meals per day.

A Premium Seafood Leader

With a premium suite of brands and a focus on traceability and innovation, Leroy are a true leader in the global seafood industry. Leroy serve the equivalent of 17.2 Billion meals every year, serving over 80 countries worldwide.

Source Leroy products in Australia

Austral Fisheries are the proud sole distributor of Leroy products in Australia. Follow the link below to enquire about sourcing Leroy from Austral Fisheries.