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Sub-Antarctic Fishing Zones

australian toothfish fisheriesOur vessels operate in two fishing zones of Australia’s sub-Antarctic territories.  These are Macquarie Island, south-east of Tasmania, and Heard Island, south-west of Western Australia.  Austral Fisheries is proud of its demonstrated record of responsible fishing in these World Heritage Listed areas, where bycatch is less than 10% of total catch and interactions with seabirds and marine mammals are minimal.

Austral Fisheries is entitled to catch Patagonian toothfish around Macquarie Island and have been working in this fishery since 1994.

Heard Island is home to Australia’s only active volcano, the Big Ben, which is permanently covered in snow and cloud and dominates the island’s topography.  Here, Austral Fisheries is also entitled to catch Mackerel icefish as well as Patagonian toothfish and have been working in this fishery since 1996.  Both the toothfish and icefish from the Heard Island and Macquarie Island fisheries are certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, as well as being recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

The current season quotas for these fisheries are as follows:

Heard Island & McDonald Islands Patagonian toothfish: 3,405t

Heard Island & McDonald Islands Mackerel icefish: 561t.

Macquarie Island Patagonian toothfish: 450t

Fishing Zone

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